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Welcome to Flirting With Obscene the official site of author Jocelyn Bringas.

The stories here contain explicit sexual content so proceed with an open mind.

None of the stories here may appear elsewhere without my consent or full credit. All of the stories are copyrighted.

June 27, 2016

Please bear with me as I shift my website from focusing on fan fiction to plain ole fiction.

I know some of you are wondering what happened to Fantasy/Reality. I took it down because it's in the process of being published into two separate books.

It was 70 chapters when I finished writing it as a fan fiction. I divided it into two books. The first book Heartthrob Fantasy is currently available as an eBook.

The second book Heartthrob Daddy is currently undergoing edits. I'm hoping to have it published sometime this summer. I'll update when it'll be released.

You can buy Heartthrob Fantasy at the following websites:

Amazon x Barnes & Noble x eXcessica x eXciticaAll Romance x iBooks x Google Play x Kobo x Smashwords

Book Cover:

Heartthrob Fantasy Cover
Excerpt: Preview chapters one through five by clicking here

About Heartthrob Fantasy:

Viola Pyle was fresh out of college working at her dream job when Nixon Raines, the heartthrob from bestselling boy band Verified Paradise, got her fired. She didn’t think she would ever see Nixon again until a chance meeting reunited them.

For Nixon, Viola was just another woman he’d use for his own pleasure. She was convenient and always ready for him whenever he wanted her.

Viola knows it’s wrong to be used but she can’t resist Nixon and his delicious body whenever he comes to her bed.

The nature of their arrangement changes after Nixon gets into a car accident. He suffers a brain injury that causes him to have amnesia. He then transforms into the kind gentleman she always fantasized about.

Is Viola's heartthrob fantasy permanent or will Nixon slip back to his old habits?

Amazon x Barnes & Noble x eXcessica x eXciticaAll Romance x iBooks x Google Play x Kobo x Smashwords