Welcome to Berry *Delicious* Nick Carter Stories

Here you will find fictional stories about Backstreet Boy Nick Carter written by Jocelyn. A majority of my stories contain sexual situations to please read with caution.



Warning: Some of these stories contain sexual situations.

Bathroom Behavior
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick Carter, his friend, a girl, and a bathroom.

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Bored with his wife, Nick Carter finds satisfaction elsewhere.

Rating: R
Summary: Viola has fantasies about Nick Carter that such wishes was reality.

In Between The Sheets
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick Carter and Caslyn get in between the sheets.

Office Matters
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick Carter has some office matters with his secretary.

Out of this World
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick Carter encounters an alien from another planet.

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick Carter is determined to see his girlfriend for her birthday.

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick makes her his possession.

Sex on a Cruise Ship
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick meets Tricia on a cruise.

Shining Star Underwear
Rating: NC-17

Takes Two To Tango
Rating: PG-13, brief NC-17
Summary: Nick and Sarah meet again after being years apart.

The Episodes
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What started out sexual turned into something more.

The Call
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Shayla receives a call.

The Other Carter
Rating: R
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Summary: Cessie is torn between Colin Carter and Nick Carter.

Without Me

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nick is appalled by what he catches his girlfriend doing.


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