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Bathroom Behavior

(2007 version)

By Jocelyn Bringas

It was Friday and I decided I needed to have some fun tonight. I called up three of my female friends and we met up at the latest hot spot downtown called Lime Light. Once we entered the building, we made our way to the massive dance floor. I could tell all of the men had their eyes on our gyrating bodies.

As we grooved to a hip hop track, a pair of hands went on my hips. I was immediately disgusted. How dare someone touch me without permission?  I turned around to face whoever was touching me and my breath caught in my throat when I found myself looking at the most beautiful man on earth. He had an innocent baby face but his deviant blue eyes told me he was a naughty boy.

Pressing my body up against his, we danced together sensually. My body started to get aroused from the way he was rubbing against me. He definitely was a smooth dancer and we bumped and grind to lots of songs.

Turning me around, he grabbed my ass and pulled me against his crotch. I let out a moan when his hard on poked me. I could feel his fingers press harder on my skin as I slowly started to hump his pants covered cock.
When this song ended, I faced him and couldn’t help giggling. I was feeling so freaking horny and could tell he was too. He extended his hand and I gladly held it as he led me off the dance floor. I caught my friends looking at me with jealously and I just stuck my tongue out at them.

We approached the bar and he ordered some drinks. While waiting for the drinks, he turned to me and smiled.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“I’m Tia Sanchez, you?”

“Nick Carter.”

Three drinks were placed in front of us. I thought Nick was really thirsty but after he handed one drink to me, he then handed the other to the handsome man standing beside him.

“This is my best friend Alfred Skye. Alfred this is my new friend Tia Sanchez,” Nick said.

I smiled and shook Alfred’s hand, “Nice to meet you Alfred.”

“Pleasure to meet you too, Tia,” he said as he flashed me a bright smile.

Looking from Nick to Alfred, I couldn’t believe I was having a drink with two of the hottest men in the club. For a few minutes we engaged in a heavy conversation. I found out that Nick and Alfred worked together at an investment banking firm. Not only were they hot but they were rich too!

Catching my reflection in the mirror behind the bar, I cringed. Due to all the dancing and sweat, some of my make up smeared, so I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I went in, I was glad it was empty so I could touch up my make up in peace. Once I was done, I looked at my reflection and smiled.

The bathroom door swung open suddenly. I turned to see who was entering and was stunned to see Nick and Alfred walk in. Nick smirked as he walked towards me and Alfred locked the door.

“Are you two not telling me something or am I in the men’s bathroom?” I asked.

“That’s really not a concern for us,” Nick said.

A rush of anticipation ran through me as I looked at them both. My pussy began to tingle at the thought of being trapped in a bathroom with them.

“Oh, really?” I questioned raising an eyebrow.

Nick didn’t reply, he put his arms around me and lifted me into his arms. I held onto him and wrapped my legs around him as he placed his hands on my ass. Our lips locked into a heavy kiss. He began to walk and soon I felt my back touching Alfred’s body.

Alfred planted kisses onto my bare shoulder which made me moan against Nick’s lips. Both of their erections were poking me and I couldn’t wait to feel them both inside me.

The cool air struck my body when Alfred slipped off my black dress. Nick broke away from my lips and moved down to lick my nipple. I wove my hands into his blond hair, pulling his lips closer. 

I groaned when Alfred suddenly entered my ass. He was growling like an animal as he shoved his thick cock in. As he fucked me, I watched Nick strip off his clothes. Once he was completely naked, his large hand slipped between my legs. I moaned louder when his fingers rubbed my clit in a circular motion.

“Shit,” I cursed when his middle finger slipped inside my wet pussy.

This was just too much for me. I had never experienced such exquisite pleasure before! Nick took out his finger and he rubbed it onto my mouth. I flicked my tongue and started sucking my juices off. When it was clean, he moved his hand down to his hard cock. He gave it a few yanks before moving closer to me and positioning himself for entry. In one fluid motion, he slid inside and began slamming into me.

The sounds of skin smacking echoed off the bathroom walls. We were all now panting and moaning loudly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people in the club could hear us. Alfred began moaning louder and his thrusting got more urgent. He went faster and then stopped when his come shot into my ass.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, reaching behind me to feel the come spilling out.

After Alfred took himself out of me, Nick then pressed me against the wall and started fucking the hell out of me. His thrusts were so sharp and thanks to his incredibly thick cock, he was creating a delicious friction on my wet pussy walls. I could feel my orgasm quickly approaching.

“Go on baby, come for him,” Alfred whispered into my ear as he tweaked my nipples.

The pleasure started to boil up between my legs and as each second ticked by, I edged closer to a sweet explosion. I screamed when I hit my climax and the wonderful feelings swept over my body. My pussy walls tightened around Nick’s cock which triggered him to squirt his come inside.

It took us a few moments to recover from what just happened. Nick gathered up the strength to slide himself out of me. When I could feel my legs again, I walked slowly to the mirror. I giggled at my reflection. My make up was ruined and my hair was ruffled.

“Here,” Nick said as he tossed me my dress.

Once we were all dressed, Alfred came over to me and we kissed passionately. Next was Nick who kissed me twice as hard. When he broke away he gave me a smirk.
“Want to join us at our hotel?” Nick asked.

“Hell yes,” I replied and we quickly made our way out of the bathroom.

As we approached the exit, I spotted my friends and the looks on their faces were priceless as I walked out with not one, but two men. I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and have some more fun with Nick and Alfred.

The End

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