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By Jocelyn Bringas

Nick Carter stood outside on the porch of his estate with a huge fake smile on his face as he waved goodbye to his wife, Nella. There was a big end of the season sale at the mall that she just had to go to so that she could spend his hard earned cash on some stupid designer name trash. When the baby blue Jaguar was out of his eyesight, he felt 130 pounds lighter. Going to the kitchen, he grabbed the phone off it's handle and dialed a familar number.

"Hello," he heard a sensual female voice say.

"Hey baby, what's up?" he asked as he sat down at one of the expensive dining chairs.

"Hi Nick, I'm sad," she said playfully. Nick had always been hooked on this young woman's voice. He especially loved it when it was moaning his name as he thrust into her. He was getting hard just thinking about it.

"Aww baby why are you sad?"

"Because I'm here and you're there,"

"Well then you'll have to get your ass over here,"

"Okay, i'll be there soon, mucho kisses," she made a kissing noise and hung up.

Hanging up his phone, he made his way to the living room and waited for her to show up. Nick was already semi-hard from just thinking of all the nasty things he would be doing with her. A doorbell snapped him out of his graphic thoughts and he rushed to the front door.

After opening the door, feelings of desire washed over him as he stared at twenty year old Bella, the younger sister of his wife. She was wearing a leather jacket that stopped above her thighs and he couldn't wait to see what she was wearing underneath if she was wearing anything at all. Her dark black hair was down and looked ever so soft. Her pouty lips were curved into a sweet smile.

Stepping forward he took her into his arms and lifted her off the ground, making her giggle. He carried her inside and swiftly shut the door. Putting her down he couldn't wait any longer and smacked his lips down onto hers. He kissed her hard, wanting to feel every part of her lips and tongue. It had been a week since their last meeting and he hungered for her.

Nick groaned into her mouth when he felt her hands creeping under his shirt, feeling them gently caress his skin. He let out a series of deep breaths when their lips broke apart. She gave him a playful smile and slid down to her knees. Looking down, he saw his dick had created a tent in his sweat pants. She placed her hands over the tent and started to rub it slowly with her palm. What a tease, he thought but secretly loved it.<br />

She proceeded to rub his pant covered stiff cock slow, making him moan like crazy. He was still amazed that he was still standing up. Reaching down to touch her hand, he motioned her to go faster which she didn't do.

"Na uh Nick," she said swatting his hand away.

Not happy with that reaction, he bent down and grabbed her body into his arms. He brought her over to the expensive green leather couch where he sat down. and placed her on the floor.

"You better suck my cock," he said trying to be assertive.

"Or what Nick?" she asked while she ran her hands over his thighs.

"Or you won't get any at all,"

She pouted, "That wouldn't be good."

Her fingertips went to the elastic band of his sweat pants and she tugged down. She giggled when she saw his erection snap out of his pants and was standing straight up. Once the pants were gone, she just sat back on her legs and went to cup her aching breasts. Nick watched her as she licked her lips and caressed her breasts. Unbuttoning the black leather jacket, she revealed she was wearing an apple red lace bra and panties. After removing the jacket, she wrapped her left hand around his stiff cock. She started to yank at it while her lips touched the tip.

"Mmmm yeah baby," Nick said as he rested his head back against the couch.

She started to circle the tip of his cock with her tongue. Nick screamed out in both pleasure and pain when she suddenly took all of him into her mouth. She started to furiously bob her head up and down. She made beautiful slurping sounds as she sucked him. Not even his own wife could suck like this young woman could. His wife couldn't even deep throat his cock, she'd start to gag after three inches.

Removing her mouth from his huge dick, she smiled as it was covered in both her saliva and precum. She was already massively horny for him and her pussy was drenching wet from sucking him. She decided she needed to take off her bra and quickly got rid of it. Kneeling closer towards him, she pressed her breasts together and made sure Nick's cock fit in between. Nick started to thrust upwards. She had her tongue hanging out so each time he thrusted up the tip of his cock would touch her tongue.

Nick started to thrust faster loving the feeling of his cock slapping her tongue. Before he knew it he started to cum. Squirts of sperm came flying out, landing on her tongue and breasts. When his orgasm was done, Nick lied back on the couch spent. She swallowed the cum that was on her tongue and rubbed the cum that landed on her breasts into her skin.

Standing up, she slid her panties off, and went to sit on Nick's lap. His dick was already deflated but she knew in a few minutes it would be up and ready for business again. Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, she pushed it up and motioned him to take it off and he did. She planted little kisses around his chest and licked around his foot tattoos.

"What's up with these?" she questioned while tugging on the piercing on his nipple.

"Got them done after me and the wife had a fight, she absolutely hates them,"

"Awww that's too bad," she said circling one of his nipples with her tongue. As she played with his nipples, she could feel Nick's hands on her hips going down to in between her legs.

"Ohhhhh," she let out when she felt his fingers gently rubbing her throbbing clit.

"Like that baby?"

"Uh huh," she said as she started to grind her hips around his fingers. She loved the feeling of her breasts rubbing against his chest while he touched her.

"How 'bout this?" he asked after inserting two fingers inside her wet vagina.

"Mmmm yes more... more...,"

Nick inserted another finger and thrusted his fingers even faster. She was in heaven but she wanted his cock. Looking down she smiled as she saw he was hard again.

"I want your cock," she breathed.

"Hmmmm?" he questioned.

Placing her hands on his shoulders, she looked him deep in the eyes.

"I wanna fuck you hard."

Nick smirked at her and took his fingers out of her. Taking her into his arms, he lifted her up and made the long journey upstairs to the master bedroom. After putting her down, she wasted no time and pushed him making him fall onto the soft mattress. Crawling up onto him, she took his cock in her hand and slid down onto it.

She started to go up and down, riding him fast. He loved it when she was on top. He just laid there and watched as she did all the work. His wife was quite boring when it came to sex, she hated being on top. Her hands crept to his hair, where she tugged on it. She pulled his hair wanting him to sit up. He did so, and she started to bounce harder, with her nipples running up and down his chest.

"God, I'm cumming," she panted. Series of moans were escaping her mouth and Nick wrapped his arms around her and started to thrust up. The bed was already shaking and within moments she exploded and let out a long satisfied moan. After finishing her orgasm, she kissed him hard.

"You're so good Nick,"

"Of course," he replied smirking.

Since he didn't cum, he proceeded to take her body off his still hard cock. "Jerk me off?"

"Sure Nick," she said smiling.

Nick laid down on the bed, and she went down to his stiff cock and took it in her hand. She started to move her hand up and down. With her other hand she massaged his sensitive balls, which added stimulation making Nick moan in delight. Nick grabbed the sheets tightly as he enjoyed the pleasure he was getting.

"Fuck, yes, I'm getting off," he growled as he felt himself cumming. Strings of cum left his penis and he rode Bella's hand until he was completely spent.

Bella did her duty and licked the cum off that landed on her hand and Nick's pelvis. She just loved the taste of Nick's cum. When she was done, Nick was still breathing deeply and was very tired. Moving so she could snuggle against his chest, she enjoyed the quiet moment for about five minutes until she felt it was time for her to go.

Caressing his cheek with her palm, Nick opened his eyes and smiled weakly at her.

"God you're so good," he said.

"No you're good," she said kissing him hard on the mouth. When her mouth made contact with his, she figured she could stay another five minutes. They made out for a long time until she pulled away. Nick frowned and went to try to kiss her again but she placed a palm on his chest.

"I have to go now," she whined making Nick pout.

"Fine," he sighed as she got out of bed. When they were downstairs, they gathered their clothes and put them on. He walked her to her car, kissed her one last time, and watched her leave.

Nick was wornout from having sex with Bella that he went upstairs to take a nap. He was already comfortably sleeping for about half an hour when he someone smacked his shoulder. Waking up against his will he saw his wife, Nella, with her hands on her hips.

"I come home from a gruelling shopping day from the mall and you're on your ass sleeping?"


"I freaking need help carrying my shopping bags in the house,"

Groaning, Nick followed her to her car and frowned when he saw that her trunk and also the backseat were filled with various shopping bags. As he carried bag after bag inside, he just kept thinking about how much badly he wished he married Bella instead.

The End

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