Out of this World

By Jocelyn Bringas

It was a beautiful Saturday night in Florida. The weather was right and the moon was shining brightly. Out on the deck of his patio was Nick Carter, lounging shirtless on one of the long chairs as he played a Super Mario game on his GameBoy Advanced.

It was already a few minutes past midnight and Nick didn't feel like going to sleep just yet. So instead of just watcing some bad late night TV, he opted to go out into his backyard and relax to the sounds of the waves crashing by the nearby beach.

Nick was already on the last level of his Super Mario game, it had taken him a while to reach this level but he was eager to get through it. The time was ticking, he had one minute to defeat Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman so that he could rescue the Princess.

Furiously, Nick pressed the buttons on his GameBoy Advanced, skillfully making Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman weaker. Thirty seconds passed and Nick knew he was so close to victory.

"Ha! I've got you now! Die! Die! Die!" Nick exclaimed as he kept pressing the buttons.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...

Just one second short of a victory, a sudden strong gust of wind blew knocking Nick off his chair and sending his GameBoy flying out of his hands. Nick watched as his GameBoy hit the patio deck and the batteries spewing out of it. The wind was still blowing hard and Nick struggled to get up.

A thundering noise was growing louder and Nick glanced up at the sky and saw a beam of light approach his property. Nick immediately thought it was a bomb and felt his life flash before his eyes. His mind was racing, thinking it was a terrorist attack.

The light came closer and closer and Nick squeezed his eyes shut from the brightness of it. He quickly said a prayer to God and hoped that if he died that he would be sent to heaven despite the questionable things he did. Nick heard a loud crash followed by feeling of the earth shaking. The impact sent him back first against the wall of his home. Debris of dirt and wood started to hit Nick and he quickly covered his head and face.

Then suddenly the earth was still and silent. It took a minute for Nick to catch his breath and once he did, he slowly opened his eyes and saw his once beautiful backyard patio now in shambles. Just to make sure he was alive, Nick pinched his arm and let out an "ow" when he felt the pain of it.

Moving the pieces of wood and dirt from his body, Nick got up and was shocked at the new addition to his backyard. Blinking twice just to make sure his eyes weren't deceiving him, he saw what looked like a spaceship.

"Dude, I've been playin' too much video games," Nick whispered to himself.

Once he got movement in his legs, he carefully walked through the mess of his patio and to the grass where the spaceship was. It was a huge circular disk looking thing, and from the light of the moon it was gray. Nick was afraid and fascinated at the same time. He knew aliens existed! He couldn't wait to tell everyone he knew what he was seeing.

"Damn! I wish I had my camera!" Nick said and he was about to run into his house to grab his digital camera when he heard the sound of something opening.

Looking up, he saw a door open, and a staircase slide out. Nick gulped, hoping whoever or whatever came out wouldn't kill him when they saw him. He was about to run for cover when he saw the silhouette of a person stand in the doorway.

Nick immediately shot his arms up high in the air, "I come in peace!"

There were sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs, and Nick watched as the figure came closer and closer. Once the figure reached the bottom step, the light from the moon shined onto them and Nick's eyes widened. Around ten feet from him stood a beautiful young woman dressed in glossy silver dress.

Her face was delicate and her jet black hair was tied up in pigtails. She tilted her head mechanically to the side causing her pigtails to bonce as she stared at him in wonder.

"Are you a human male?" she questioned, her voice sounding gentle.

"Uhhh... yeah?"

"Hello, I am -,"

"Whaaat?" Nick asked as he stared at her puzzled as she pronounced her name in a weird tone and it was something he has never heard before.

"Hmmm... I was warned humans wouldn't comprehend that. Just call me Bianca."

"Hi uhhh Bianca, I'm Nick..."

"Greetings Nick. I come from the planet of Naishmatanue in a galaxy far away from here. My planet has undergone a serious shortage of inhabitants. I was sent by my father, King Maliahinteny to planet earth to find a human male to mate with and to get sperm from so that we can increase the population there."

"Oookay? This is some weird shit yo, am I on Punk'd again? Shit, Ashton where you at man?"

"I am serious Nick." Bianca said she walked closer to him and got on her knees before him. Standing there in shock, Nick wanted to runaway but a force kept him from moving.

Looking down, he watched as she pulled down his basketball shorts to his ankles. Taking his cock in her hand, she stroked it slowly. Nick felt himself giving into the pleasure her hand was delivering and felt himself getting hard as his hips started to rock forward into her hand.

"Damn...," Nick whispered as he watched his cock go into her open mouth. It was warm and couldn't remember the last time he had gotten sucked off like this. All rational thoughts left his mind as he enjoyed Bianca's mouth and tongue doing their wonders on him.

"Am I doing this correctly?" Bianca questioned after slipping his cock from her mouth.

"Hell yeah!" Nick exclaimed quickly putting his hand on her head and wanting her mouth back on his cock.

A loud groan escaped him as Bianca started to suck on him harder than before. Her mouth making obscene slurping and smacking sounds. Nick was panting and he was surprised that he was still standing up. Her mouth slid away from his cock but she still had a hand wrapped around him, slowly stroking it.

"Please take me," she said lying down on the ground and spreading her legs.

Her dress moved up and Nick saw her not wearing any underwear. Gulping, he got on his knees and looked at her pussy to make sure it didn't look weird or anything. It appeared to look like a normal pussy but he didn't really feel like investigating any further. He was so hard and he really needed to get off.

"Oh holy fuck," Nick groaned sliding his hardness into her. Her wet walls clung down tightly onto him. It took a while but once Nick fully entered her, he moved his hips in a circular motion, grinding against him. She moaned, and moved her hands to the front of her dress, pushing the material down and exposing her ample breasts.

Nick started to thrust into her, the thrill of fucking a stranger taking over him. Gripping her hips, he started to go faster. He stared at her as she fondled her breasts and the look of pleasure on her face.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," she chanted and Nick felt her pussy convulsing around his cock. Faster Nick went, his hips slamming against her creating a loud slapping sound.

"Aw, fuck," Nick let out when he felt his cock twitch inside her and he came hard, shooting his cum into her. After reaching their peaks, Nick collapsed onto her, panting and feeling spent.

Bianca's arms then wrapped around his body, her palms resting on his sweaty back. She then rolled their bodies around and Nick looked up to see her straddling him.

"More, more, I need more sperm!" she yelled as she started to move grind her hips around his limp cock.

"Shit," Nick breathed.

Shedding off her dress, Bianca started to bounce her body up and down on him. Nick felt his cock getting hard all over again as he watched her ride his cock wildly. Relaxing back onto the ground, Nick enjoyed the intense pleasure of her fucking him hard.

"Mmm yeah baby," Nick breathed. Maybe he did die and go to heaven because he's never been fucked so hard and so good before.

"Uhhh yes, give me more! Yes! Ohhh yes!" she moaned loudly as she slammed hard on him.

Nick's eyes rolled back when he felt her reach back and fondle his balls as she rode him.

"Fuck yeah," he groaned started to thrust his hips up against hers created a sweet friction. They were now pistoning their movements and Nick has never felt himself go this fast before.

"Shit, I'm cumming baby ohhh yeah...," Nick moaned as she arched his back up high as he emptied his sperm into her.

"Yeeeees, shoot your sperm into me!"

When Nick was done cumming, his butt flopped down onto the grass and he struggled to catch his breath. He was in a daze. This definitely ranked high on his of sexual encounters. Nick felt Bianca slid out of him and watched her scoop up the cum that had slipped out of her pussy on down her inner thighs. Then she pressed her cum soaked palm against her crotch trying to get the cum inside her.

"Thank you Nick for your sperm. Hopefully it will create a lot of children for my home planet."

Nick saw her pick up her dress and slip into it. She started to walk back towards her spaceship and that's when Nick scrambled to stand up.

"Wait, you're not going yet are you?"

"My mission is completed. I got your sperm, that is all I needed."

Oh no, Nick thought, She wasn't going anywhere.

"Wait! Are you sure it's enough?" Nick questioned. Bianca tilted her head to the side and thought for a moment.

"The King didn't designate how much I needed."

"Well then...," Nick smirked, "I mean it's better to have too much than too little right?"

"I guess so."

"So come on inside! I got lots of sperm for you!" Nick said happily and extended his hand to her.

Bianca smiled and took his hand, "Okay."

They ran into Nick's house, in where they continued their lovemaking in Nick's bedroom. After nearly three hours of sex and cumming multiple times, Nick laid frozen on his bed as he struggled to catch his breath. He's definitely had his share of sex in his life but Bianca managed to surprise him causing him to have the most intense orgasms.

"Nick, I thank you for your hospitality but I really must get going now. My mission is completed and I must go back to Naishmatanue."

"No," Nick said weakly.


"Please Bianca, stay with me, here on earth. You'll fit in easily."

"I cannot! My planet is nearly extinct! I need to go back and hopefully bare beautiful children. I swear, I can feel my eggs fertilizing as we speak," she said as she rubbed her stomach with a smile.

"Don't you need a father for those kids?"

"It's not necessary."


Bianca got out of his bed and started to walk towards the door. Nick got a heavy feeling in his heart, he didn't want to let her go, he wanted her to stay. Taking a deep breath, he followed her and caught up to her while she was walking through his living room.

"Bianca! Wait!"

"Nick, I must go-,"

"Let me go back with you."


"Dude, let me go to your planet with you."


"Please Bianca. You can always bring me back here right?"

"Yes... but-,"

"Please, we can continue our baby making," Nick said wiggling his eyebrows.

"I suppose so...,"

"I gots me enough sperm to make an army." Nick said grabbing his balls.

Bianca smiled and continued walking to her spaceship with Nick by her side. They climbed the stairs and upon entering, Nick was amazed at how spacious the interior was.

"All this for you?" Nick asked.

"Yes, my father made sure I was furnished."

Nick continued following her to what he guessed was the control center of the space ship. There were many different buttons and knobs on a large board. Bianca sat in one of two chairs situated in front of the buttons and Nick sat in the chair next to her. She pressed a green button and the loud thundering sound he heard earlier returned.

"Are you sure about this?" she yelled over the noise.

"Sure as I'll ever be!" Nick yelled back.

The spaceship then started to elevate and through the window, Nick saw earth getting smaller and smaller. Soon they were gliding through space watching the stars and planets breeze by them.

"This is freaking amazing!" Nick said very excited to be in space.

"I know," Bianca said smiling at him.

"So, how long is the ride back to Na-whatever it is."

"Naishmatanue, and it's approximately thirteen hours."

"What?! Thirteen hours? You travelled that long just to have sex? Damn."


"So... does this thing have autopilot?"

"Yes it does."

"I guess that means we can continue where we left off," Nick said with a devious look on his face. She smiled at him and pressed another button, which he assumed put the spaceship on autopilot. Then she stood up and knelt before him stroking his cock. Nick groaned and immediately got hard.

"Dude... this is out of this world," he whispered as he watched her suck his cock.

They continued to make love in many different positions the whole way back to Naishmatanue where they faced a new life together and with the many children they conceived

The End

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