By Jocelyn Bringas

Wrapping her red mink blanket around her body, Leilani got into a comfortable position on her sofa. It was raining severely with an occasional clap of thunder. Clutching the remote control in her hand, she channel surfed until settling on some comedy show. She sighed wishing her boyfriend, Nick Carter, was there with her. There was nothing more she wanted than his strong arms wrapped around her, holding her, and keeping her warm.

He was a busy man though with everything going on in his life. With his solo record, boat racing team, and touring, she slowly slipped from being number one on his list of priorities. She didn't want to seem selfish though, it was his life and he was at the top of his game. Even if it meant him forgetting it was her birthday yesterday.

Leilani wasn't the kind of person to push but she figured if they'd been together for two years, that he would remember such a date. She felt like a dork waiting by the front door, hoping that he would surprise. She even carried the cordless phone with her all around the house just in case he would give her a call. Not one call.

The phone now was settled on the coffee table untouched. She wanted Nick and she wanted him now. It had been too long and she didn't know how much longer she could go without him there with her.

"Nick, Nick, damn it, where are you when I need you?" she asked outloud.

Of course there was no response even though she secretly wished he would appear out of thin air and go to her. Leilani eventually fell asleep on the sofa, exhausted from thinking about Nick. As she slept, Nick was just a few miles away from her going through hell himself.

Nick hadn't expected his trip back home would bring him so chaos. First he couldn't get any flights out to Florida until the day after Leilani's birthday. He wanted to surprise her but had to settle for a flight the day after. He would have called her but his cell phone had just ran out of battery. There was nothing more he wanted than to be home with his love. To make matters worse, the car he rented broke down, so he had no choice but to walk the rest of the way home in the pouring rain.

After miles of walking, he was never so happy to see his house. Nick started to run and when he reached the doorstep, he quietly slipped his key in and opened the door. He heard the t.v. as he walked in. Quickly he shed his wet clothing. He couldn't help but smile when he saw Leilani sleeping like a baby on the sofa.

Kneeling beside her, he caressed her cheek with his palm. Her eyes began to open and they immediately widened in surprise when they realized who they were looking at.

"Nick!" she squealed throwing her arms around him and hugging him.

"Hey," he chuckled.

"It's you, it's really you, i'm not dreaming,"

"I'm all here baby,"

"And also naked and wet,"

"Well you wouldn't believe what happened to me but now i'm here and... happy belated birthday," he said then giving her a nice long kiss on the lips.

"Where's my present?" Leilani asked.

"Uh... hold up... close your eyes!" he stood up and ran to his soaked luggage bag. He really didn't have the time to get her a present so he pulled out a shiny red bow. Removing the paper that covered the adhesive side, he then stuck it on his chest.

"Okay baby, open your eyes,"

Leilani opened her eyes, saw Nick, and couldn't help smiling.

"You're cheap, but I guess it will do," she said.

"I'm here, unwrapped and ready to go," Nick said getting on top of her and kissing her passionately. Leilani instinctively wrapped her arms around Nick enjoying the feeling of his baby soft skin beneath her fingers.

She let out a sigh of delight as he kissed her neck. All she wanted to do was ravish him. She was so happy to have him back here.

"You don't know how sexually frustrated I am," she told him.

"Yeah?" he questioned raising an eyebrow.

She nodded her head as she raked her fingers down his back. Everything about him she loved, to his blue eyes to those luscious lips. Nick was the only man in this world that could ever affect her this way. Nick started to unbutton her blouse, placing a kiss each time her skin showed. In a matter of moments she was finally naked and was soon skin to skin with Nick.

Looking down, she smiled seeing his hardened dick ready to go. She threw her head back in pleasure and dug her fingers into his shoulders when he rammed himself into her. It felt so damn good to her to have him inside her again. His nice thick, long shaft grounded into her drenched pussy. All the pent up sexual frustration was building up in her and was almost to the point of boiling over.

"Ohhh yeah Nick, harder, harder," she panted as she bucked her hips against his, "please fuck me harder."

Nick picked up his pace pounded into her furiously, creating a rhythmic slap with his balls against her skin. He could feel beads of sweat starting surface around his body. Leilani's cries of pleasure were coming quicker as she relished how good it felt. Her tight vaginal walls were deliciously snug around his cock, which only increased the pleasure he was feeling. Looking at her bare breasts moving to their rhythm, he bent his head down and lashed his tongue out to taste her nipples, making them into tight little buds. Her moans only grew louder as Nick's tongue licked her. Her hands tangled into his messy dirty blond hair, urging him to suck on her breasts.

Nick's breathing became labored and he got into a kneeling position. He stared for a moment at the woman of his dreams, her face immersed in pleasure. Spreading her legs wide, he couldn't help but smile at how wet she was. He felt his confidence rise knowing very well that only he could make her so wet. Grabbing her hips, he slammed into her hard. He was so close to cumming and by the way she murmured his name he could sense she was almost there too.

Nick started to impale his cock into her feeling his orgasm beginning. With each stroke of his cock into her slippery pussy he could feel himself ready to burst in any moment. Then he felt her pussy start to pulsate and spasm around his already too stiff dick.

"Fuck baby, here it comes," he grunted. Nick couldn't take it anymore and began to ejaculate his cum into her. He felt as though he couldn't stop cumming. He kept thrusting into her until he rode out his orgasm. Pulling out his cock from inside her, he saw it dripping with a mixture of her juices and his cum. He saw that her pussy and inner thighs were drenched too.

Leilani smiled up at him, and reached behind his head, pulling him down for a long passionate kiss.

"Love you baby, happy birthday," Nick whispered into her ear.

"Love you too Nick and thanks."

The End

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