Sex on a Cruise Ship

By Jocelyn

(Written for Tricia. Does she even remember who I am?)

Tricia stood at the end of the big luxurious cruise ship crying her eyes out. She couldn't believe that her boyfriend of a year and two days deserted her on this ship because he found some cheap whore.

They were supposed to have a romantic get away just the two of them since it was their one year anniversary. With a wine bottle in one hand she drank until she felt like throwing up.

Holding the empty wine bottle up, she slurred," TO HELL WITH MEN!"

Throwing the bottle into the sea she suddenly had a killer headache. Feeling dizzy and sea sick she threw up loads of vomit into the water. Slumping against the railing she pulled out the roll of rope in her purse and preceded to tie it onto the railing and around her neck. Climbing over it she counted 1...2...3... and jumped off.

Tricia's plan of committing suicide didn't follow through though. Instead her weight gave in and snapped the rope and she fell into the cold water. Trying to pass out she tried consuming the oceans salt water so she could dehydrate and die.


Nick Carter hummed happily as he walked the deck of the cruise ship. After touring for what seemed like years he needed something like this. A place where people had no idea who he was, a ship drifting off into the vast ocean away from land, and some fine looking women.

Walking to the end of the ship he leaned over the railing admiring the bright blue moon up in the night sky. He loved the night, it made him feel so liberated. Suddenly a foul odor crept up his nose, the smell of vomit.

Glancing down he saw a head of person with a glimpse of brunette hair. Squinting his eyes, he noticed a young lady unconscious, floating in the water.

Throwing off his jacket, shoes, and socks, he climbed over the railing and dived into the cool water. Swimming over to the young ladies helpless body, Nick took her into his arms and swam back to the boat. Gathering all his strength he successfully put her body onto the deck.

Rushing to her side Nick searched for a pulse and fortunately he found one beating weakly in her neck. Glancing at the ship clock it was already midnight and it was lights out for everyone. So there was no one he could call.

Fearing she might be in shock or suffering from pneumonia, Nick took her soaking body and carried her into his room. Placing her onto the chair, Nick searched his baggage carrier for some spare clothes.

After finding a white t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants Nick tried slapping her face to wake her up but she was still passed out. He did that for five minutes until he faced the fact that he would have to dress her himself.

Trying his best to suppress the line of thoughts crossing his young adolescent mind, Nick carried her to the bed face down and he began slowly unzipping her golden dress and slipping it off.

Taking off her soaking underwear, Nick turned her body over and stared at the naked body before him. Nick gulped, here he was with a beautiful young woman, naked and unconscious. Shaking his head out of the horny state, he quickly slipped her long legs into the pair of pants and slipped on the t-shirt.

Grabbing his hair dryer he dried her hair. He was taught never to sleep while your hair was wet cause it'll make you blind. Once that was done Nick tucked her in and took a deep breath.

After that Nick changed into his sleeping clothes and dried his own hair. Searching the drawer for a spare blanket and pillow Nick slept on the floor.


Tricia woke up to the phosphorescence of the sun filtering through the tiny window. Squinting from the bright sunlight she felt her head beating. Rubbing her temples she was faced with a bad hang over and a running nose.

Sniffling, her sleepy eyes searched her surroundings and she noticed it wasn't her room. Looking down she wasn't in her own clothes. Looking over at the ship clock that hung above the door it was already one in the afternoon. Climbing out of bed she stepped onto a big lump and screamed.

"Who are you?" she asked nervously.

The young male stared at her half awake, half asleep, "You're awake."

"I'm aware of that. So who are you?"

"I'm Nick... Are you okay?" he asked.

"Oh... I'm Tricia and no, I feel horrible, am I dead? Is this what heaven's supposed to be like?"

"You're not dead, I kind of saved you last night,"

"Oh, great, a person tries to commit suicide and what happens? Someone saves you,"

"You tried to kill yourself last night? Why?"

"Long story short, my boyfriend is a bastard,"

"Oh I see, I think you should lie back down and catch some rest since you're sick, I'll get some chicken soup from the kitchen if you'd like some and I'll grab some Dimetap for that running nose and an ice pack for your forehead since you're burning up," he said placing his hand over her forehead.

"Are you some sort of doctor?" Tricia asked.

"Uhhh...," Nick thought for a minute unsure if he wanted to reveal his identity," No I'm not but I'm the oldest of five children and I think I can handle things like this." Nick took a breath of relief.

'Good save,' he thought.

"Now I'm going to head over to the kitchen and you just stay here and make yourself comfortable,"

Tricia watched as Nick slipped out of the room. She laid back down onto the bed.

'He's not bad looking. In fact he's cute.' Tricia thought as a deviant smile curved at her lips. Suddenly her ex-boyfriend was the last thing on her mind and now she was getting ideas in her head about the things she wanted to do with Nick.


About twenty minutes later, Nick came back with a cart full of food. Tricia quickly slurped down the chicken soup while Nick munched on some food. After they both finished eating Tricia took a teaspoon of the grape flavored Dimetap.

"You know Nick my nose is starting to clear up," Tricia announced.

"That's nice," Nick responded.

"In life I've observed that in order to have a quick recovery from an ailment or some sort of pestilence we need a boost of morale,"

Nick looked at Tricia puzzled, "Damn, just use big words on me... but okay."

"What I'm saying is lets watch T.V.," Tricia grinned and reached for the remote. "How did you get such a nice room in this ship. Isn't it expensive and you don't look like the type of guy to be handling that kind of money... unless you're some fugitive...,"

"No way! Well, see I have a high paying job,"

"I can see that. Are you some sort of pimp or something?"

"Hell no! I'm in the music industry,"

"So you sell black market CDs?"

"Stop that, I'm in a musical group called 'Backstreet Boys,'" Nick said reaching for his bag and pulling out his copy of 'Millennium.'

"Wow, that's you," Tricia said pointing at Nick.

For the remainder of the time, Nick and Tricia talked, laughed, and watched T.V. Time does fly when you're having fun. Tricia hopped off the bed and walked over to the window and stared out at the dark night, the peaceful ocean flowing.

Tricia felt new and great. Now it was time for her mission and she knew just the way to get Nick. Letting out a fake yawn, she stretched her long arms. Feeling her muscles were tense an idea popped into her head.

"Nick could you do me a favor?" Tricia asked him.

"Sure what is it?"

"Could you give me a massage, my muscles feel all tight and tense. I need you to loosen them up,"

"I'm really not that good at massages...,"

"That's okay I'll guide you,"

Tricia climbed into the bed face down. Nick stood beside her.

"Start with my shoulders," she ordered.

Nick slowly placed his hands onto her shoulders and started making massaging motions. Tricia let out little moans of satisfaction which was turning Nick on inside.

"That was good Nick, now go onto my upper back and slowly make your way down to the lower part of my back but I think it would feel a hell of a lot better with my shirt off,"

Nick watched as Tricia peeled out of her shirt leaving her topless. He took a deep breath as his hands moved down her back. Feeling her smooth skin against his fingertips was killing him inside.

"Mmmm, that was wonderful Nick but I feel like I need a shower... care to join me?"

Nick let out a nervous laugh. "You're kidding right?"

"No, I'm not," she smiled seductively.

Taking Nick's hand she walked him over to the bathroom.

"Hmmm, this is such a nice bathroom, and what a nice beautiful big tub. Good for fucking," Tricia pointed out. She walked to the tub and turned on the shower letting the water run.

"Tricia, I think you over dosed on the Dimetap," Nick said.

"Oh, I'm perfectly fine. Now strip or I'll do it for you," Tricia told him as she slipped out of her shorts.

Nick stood there frozen looking at her perfectly shaped body. A part of him told him to tell her to leave and the other part told him to get naked and go for it. Nick was too caught up in his arguing thoughts that he didn't notice Tricia kneeling before him pulling down his pants and underwear.

"OH MY GOD!" Nick yelled the moment he felt Tricia's hands gripping his hard cock.

"I knew that would snap you out of your thoughts," she said slowly jerking him off.

Planting kisses up his abdomen, his chest, to his collarbone, up the side of his neck, to his cheek, right to his full luscious lips. Tricia sighed against his lips and slowly Nick returned the kiss.

Slipping her tongue through his lips, their tongues encircled each other. Tricia reached for the hem of Nick's t-shirt and pulled it off him. Running her fingertips over his smooth lean chest as she captured his lips and pulled him into the shower.

The water ran over their bodies. Tricia reached for the bar of soap and gathered up a nice lather and started running it over his chest. Her hands soaped every inch of his body.

Standing up, they locked into another passionate kiss.

Grabbing the bar of soap, Nick pinned Tricia against the wall. Running his soapy hands messily all over her body. Rubbing his hands hard onto her pointed nipples and circling his fingers all over her aching cunt.

Rinsing her body clean of the soap, Nick placed his lips onto her hard pointed nipple. Taking it in between his teeth as Tricia weaved her fingers into his wet hair, bringing his face closer to her.

Tricia let out a moan of pleasure when she felt his two long fingers shoving in and out of her. Her juices flowed down to her legs as she felt herself nearing her release.

"Oh Nick, don't stop...," she breathed.

While burying his face in the side of her neck, Nick thrusted his fingers deeper into her while his thumb rubbed against her throbbing clit. Tricia grinded herself against his fingers as she screamed his name in pleasure when she reached her climax.

"Oh, we're not done yet," Nick breathed against Tricia's ear.

Locking into a long kiss, they finished their shower. Taking Tricia's freshly washed body into his arms, he carried her out of the bathroom and headed straight for the bed.

Placing her onto the bed, Nick took his position on top of her, his lips hungrily searching hers. Tricia let out a loud gasp when Nick entered, filling her up to the core. His cock gliding in and out of her body.

Gazing into his blue eyes, Tricia flipped their bodies over, so that she was on top of Nick. Tricia began to ride Nick's cock, grinding her hips against him as he thrusted inside her.

"Oh... Nick, fuck me, make me cum...," Tricia moaned as she felt herself nearing her release.

Nick then flipped their bodies again, pinning her down against the bed. Holding her close to his body, Nick rammed his cock into her. Tricia was panting now, and she felt her walls beginning to crumble. With each breath she took, her orgasm grew.

Nick thrusted until he felt Tricia's muscles tighten around his length causing him to loose control. He thrusted until he released all his cum into her. Tricia screamed his name in pleasure when she reached her orgasm, her heart beating rapidly.

Tricia held Nick's sweaty body close to hers as they slowly came down from their high, kissing his neck as he kissed hers. Looking one last time into each other's eyes they kissed good night and fell asleep in each other's arms anticipating what tomorrow would be like...

The End