Shining Star Underwear

By Jocelyn

Nick Carter waited anxiously on his bed for Amber to step out of the bathroom. He could feel his heart beating from anticipation. Earlier that day he was shopping incognito at a local department store. That's when he found the most perfect bra and panty set for his Amber to wear for him. They were shiny and blue. What made them special was they had stars speckled all over them. It was only fitting since she was his shining star.

Hearing the bathroom door click open his heart leapt into his throat. He sat there in amazement as he gazed at his Amber walking shyly towards the front of his bed. She was dressed in a robe and only he knew what was underneath. Looking into her almond shaped eyes he pleaded with his eyes for her to shed her robe.

Biting her bottom lip, she slowly started to undo the belt that kept her robe in place. Nick's jaw was slightly open as he watched the robe roll off her shoulders and she stood there dressed in the underwear he bought for her.

Nick could feel himself getting hard just looking at how beautiful her body way. He loved the way the bra pushed her ample breasts up and how the panties showed off how long her legs were. Her facial expression was apprehensive. He loved how he was the only person in her life to see her like this. He just wanted to jump out of his place and ravish her with his kisses. He wanted to fuck her with wild abandon.

"Come here," he said huskily.

Like a tigress, she crawled slowly towards him and stopped until she was fully on top of him. Nick moved his hands to her hips and gently pushed her down so that she was sitting on his erection. She scrunched her face in playful delight when feeling his hard on against her butt. Nick groaned a little when he felt her wiggle her butt on him.

"God you're beautiful," he whispered tucking some of her behind her ear. Amber just blushed and smiled shyly. She wasn't a person of many words but she sure did know how to make noise while they were fucking.

Amber leaned down and nuzzled her face into his shoulder. Nick caught a whiff of her shampoo which made him high on love everytime he inhaled. He could feel his breaths getting deeper when she started kissing the sensitive spot on his neck. She sure knew how to use her lips and tongue on him. As she nibbled on his neck he ran his hands up and down her smooth back.

Reaching for the clapse, Amber immediately sat up and shook her head no all the while she had a playful smile on her lips. Nick pouted at her. Then he saw her reach behind her back and unclapse the bra herself. He could see it fall down a little but it wasn't enough to see everything. First she slid the left strap down letting it fall to her elbow, then she did the same to the right strap. Nick could feel his whole mouth watering, wanting to taste her sweet nipples and to hear her moan.

With a swift movement, she tossed the bra aside and leaned forward, letting her nipples grazed his bare chest. She kissed him softly, letting her lips fully cover his. Nick wanting things to move a little faster slipped his tongue into her mouth while he reached for one of her breasts and began to fondle it, squeezing it and tweaking the hardened nipple.

Now they were kissing fiercely not getting enough of each other. Moving his hands down the side of her body he gripped her butt with his palms, he grinded his cock into her panty covered core loving the relief he was getting.

Amber moved her lips downward to his chest. He could feel his cock throbbing in anticipation. She planted a kiss on each of his nipples and belly button before going down further. Looking down at her, he watched her run her fingers down his thighs only making him harder. Lifting his butt up, he let her slide his boxers off. His erection sprung up, happy to be out of it's confinement.

"Suck me," he commanded petting her jet black hair.

Never breaking eye contact, she wrapped her pouty lips around the head of his penis. Nick let out a loud moan when he felt her teasing him. Throwing his head back in pleasure, he let her work her magic on his cock, licking his shaft, the precum covered tip, and nibbling on his sac.

"Oh baby you're so fucking good...," he moaned as he fucked her mouth, feeling his cock going down her throat.

It took her some time to learn to do that but she managed to get used to him going down her throat. Nick could feel himself almost there to an orgasm. She was so good and always turned him on so much, sometimes too much. Amber was now bobbing her head up and down with her tongue frantically swirling around his cock. Before he could cum he tugged on her hair, gently pulling her head off his pulsing cock. She looked up at him, her face flushed with desire, her lips a little swollen from the sucking.

Shifting onto his side, Nick gestured her to lay down on her back. Nick got in between her legs and started kissing her thighs before going in. Tugging on her panties, he pulled them off and gave them a little sniff before throwing them somewhere off to the side. Spreading her pussy lips apart, he could smell the sweet musky scent. Amber let out a little squeal when he ran his tongue over her throbbing clit. As he licked her clit, he pushed his index finger inside her and started to finger fuck her. It was double assault for her as she writhed in pleasure beneath him.

"Ohhh Nick," she moaned gripping onto his blond hair as she rocked against his movements.

Nick could feel her juices flowing like a river to his fingers and face. She was so wet he had three of his fingers sliding in and out of her. She tasted so good and Nick could not get enough of her. Judging by the moans of pleasure he heard, she had to have cum two times already. That was another thing he loved about her, she could cum so many times and always be ready to cum more. Having had enough of her cunt, he got on his knees, and gave his cock a couple of wanks before actually getting inside her.

"Amber...," he groaned as he slid all the way into her tight soaking pussy.

Holding onto her knees for leverage, he thrusted sharply into her causing his balls to make a slapping sound against her body. As he thrusted he could feel her fingernails lightly grazing his chest. Looking down at her face, it just was covered in pleasure. Her head was thrown back, her lips open with moans escaping, and her eyes squeezed shut. It made him fuck her even more faster, pistoning his cock into her.

Amber's moans of pleasure grew louder with each thrust he made along with that he could hear the bed shaking, the springs squeaking. Nick could feel himself very close to going over the edge. He was dripping with sweat already and his heart was beating out of his chest.

"Awww fuck Nick... faster... i'm gonna cum...,"

Nick was spiraling out of control and he could feel the cum boiling in his balls dying to get out. With one last thrust and a loud grunt he felt his cock burst into massive pleasure. He could feel his cum shooting deep into her. His eyes flew open when he felt her fingers on his sensitive cock pulling him out of her and letting the remainder of his cum shoot onto her aching breasts. He watched as she rubbed the cum into her skin and nipples. She let some get on her fingers and eagerly licked the cum off.

When she was done giving him a little show he gently collapsed onto her body and cuddled close to her. The smell of sex flooded his nose as he breathed

"You're so good...," he whispered to her. She just smiled innocently at him and nuzzled the side of her face against his chest.

The End