The Episodes

Since you're already used to calling it 'The Episodes' why not make it the title. Anyways in 'The Episodes' I write what I *feel* and not what I think. Usually when I write a visual or something I write what I think people will like and not what I feel.

Now that i've confused you this series is written in *short* episodes about a young female named Elizabeth *or I call her Liz* and Nick. I believe short is sweet don't you?

Anyways you can expect *many* things in these episodes. You never know what my mind can think of. I'm trying to incorporate a storyline to keep it interesting and I hope it works. Make it like a cheesy soap opera with a lot of sex and drama.



Listing of episodes:
Episode One: Sexual
Episode Two: It Only Gets Better
Episode Three: One Last One
Episode Four: On The Phone
Episode Five: So Anxious
Episode Six: Fantasies
Episode Seven: New Feelings
Episode Eight: Things Arise
Episode Nine: The Results Are In  
Episode Ten: Sweet Kisses
Episode Eleven: You've Got To Be Kidding
Episode Twelve: Unexpected Turn
Episode Thirteen: Welcome Back Liz!
Episode Fourteen: It's Nick's Turn
Episode Fifteen: Those Blue Eyes
 Episode Sixteen: Fortune Cookie
Episode Seventeen: Blessings
 Episode Eighteen: Crying times
 Episode Nineteen: Smart Ass Remarks
 Episode Twenty: Tension Thick as Blood
Episode Twenty-One: It Was Just A Kiss
Episode Twenty-Two: I Love you *last episode*

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