The Other Carter

Chapter 1

Ceserelle's head snapped up from her plate when she felt the person seated across from her kick her foot. Her black eyes locked with Nick Carter's blue eyes for a split second before she went back to looking at her plate full of food. She really wasn't in the mood to eat. Her head snapped back up again as Nick kicked her foot again.

The boy really had no courtesy what so ever, she thought.

Nick nodded his head towards the exit signaling that he wanted some private time with her. This time she kicked his leg and his eyes bulged in pain as the heel of her platforms stabbed him.

"Am I right Ceserelle?" her financee Colin Carter asked all of a sudden.

"Yes Colin..," she said hesitantly.

Ceserelle looked at Nick, giving him the death glare. Nick just smirked at her before stuffing a spoonful of food into his mouth and chewing really loudly. Shaking her head she tried to concentrate on what Colin was discussing with her dad but could not understand what they were talking about. Something about the military and politics. She stared at Colin for a moment and couldn't believe she was going to marry him.

They had been together for three years and she loved him with all her heart until she met his cousin Nick. Nick was sort of the outcast in the Carter family. The whole Carter clan had been military oriented and Nick chose to be an individual and persue his passion for music.

Falling in love with Nick wasn't something she asked for. All her life she had been surrounded by anything military and to finally meet someone not part of the military was like a relief to her. Not everything out Nick's mouth had to do with the military.

Now she felt his foot seductively rubbing up and down her lower leg causing her to stomp on his other foot that was on the ground. She grinned as he bit his bottom lip in pain.

"Excuse me I have to use the bathroom," Ceserelle said rising out of her seat.

She sashayed out of the ballroom making sure to swivle her hips seductively since she knew Nick was looking at her. Once she was out of their sight she dialed Nick's cell number. She watched from where she was, Nick excusing himself to take the call.

"Hi Nick."


"I'm bored... let's play a game."

"What kind of game?" his voice dropping down to a sensual whisper.

"Lets play... hmmmm... lets play 'Find Ceserelle' neener neener neener you can't find me," she giggled as she moved away from where she was and made her way to the nearest elevator.

"Oh i'll find you Cessie and then we'll play my game."

"And just what game is that Nicky?"

"You'll see Cessie..."

Ceserelle was now on the fifth floor while Nick was somewhere in the lobby. She sighed as she walked down the corridor. Colin wasn't the type of guy to have this kind of fun. She knew sooner or later she would have to stop seeing Nick. She knew she needed to get rid of the feelings she had for Nick. Stepping back into the elevator to return to the ballroom she made a vow to herself that she would tell Nick the secret affair they were having was to be put to rest.

The elevator doors dinged and she was about to step off when she saw Nick right in front of her. He easily nudged her back in and the elevator doors closed.

"Ha! I found you," he said grinning brightly.

"Yeah you did."

"What's wrong Cessie?" Nick asked as he placed his palm over her cheek.

"This... us."

"There's nothing wrong with us...," he whispered as he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Ceserelle let out a tiny moan as their lips melded together.

"Nick...," she sighed as his lips went down to the side of her neck, touching her sweet spot. The elevator doors dinged open and Ceserelle pushed Nick away and smiled at the middle aged couple as they entered. Five minutes passed by before they reached the floor where the dining hall was. Ceserelle entered first.

"Geez Ceserelle did you fall in the toliet," Colin remarked.

She rolled her eyes as she took her seat. Nick came back about three minutes after she did.

"Sorry for that, damn managers can't make up their minds on things," Nick said shaking his head.

The rest of the dinner was pretty much boring. It was about midnight when they disembarked. Ceserelle was n now in Colin's BMW on their way home. She still lived in her townhouse since she wanted to wait till after they were married to move into his mansion.

"I'll call you tomorrow," Colin said.

"Okay Colin."

"I love you Ceserelle," he said as he gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Love you too..," she said almost inaudibly as she got out of his car.

"Cessie...," she heard someone whisper as she passed the bushes. She stopped in midstride and laughed when she saw Nick hunched behind a bush doing a bad job at hiding himself.

"Stupid ass get yourself out of there," she said extending her hand to help him out of the bushes. When he finally got out she couldn't help smiling at how ridiculous he looked. Leaves and twigs hanging off his clothes.

"Let's get you inside before you do anymore damage to yourself," she said leading him inside her place.

Nick plopped himself down onto her old couch and propped his feet onto her coffee table. Ceserelle sat next to him and dropped her head onto his shoulder.

"Nice dress," Nick commented at the wedding dressing that was being worn by a mannequin next to the t.v.

"Thank you, I just got it yesterday."

"You'll look so beautiful in it," he said turning his head towards her.

Nick gave her that look that killed her everytime. The corner of his luscious lips up and his blue eyes beaming at her. She couldn't resist kissing him. His kiss was light hearted and meaningful. Whenever she kissed him, she felt right at home with no worries.

"I want you Ceserelle, I want you, I want you, I want you," he whined like a little boy.

"I want you too Nick, but I have to go through with this... I love Collin very much."

"Then why are you on this couch with me kissing," he said crossing his arms across his chest and pouting.

"That's a question I'd like answered myself,"

"Well when you find the answer, I'll either be here or not," Nick said standing up.

"Where are you going?"


"Nick don't be mad please."

"You know Ceserelle whatever, till you figure your feelings out, I'm leaving."

The door clicked shut, and Ceserelle lied back down on the couch. She eyed the dress admiring the intricate designs. She was already in too deep in things. She loved Collin yes, but she loved Nick as well. She knew she had to let go of one of them.

With Collin her whole life was secure and planned out for her. She liked that, she liked the order. She was used to it and she didn't have to worry about anything. With Nick it was different. He brought something into her life that she never had. He was fun to be around with. He wasn't uptight or serious about things. Oh gosh why couldn't they be meshed together and be one man, she thought.


Ceserelle was laying on her side on her bed, lazily dragging her fingers up and the empty space next to her. She was thinking about Nick and hated the sinking feeling that was floating around in her stomach. His words echoed in her mind. Usually she never took what he said about leaving Colin for him seriously.

There was something about the tone of his voice that struck a cord in her. He really cared for her. She suddenly smiled when she got a vision of his pouting face in her mind. Though it's been a few hours she already missed him.

Not caring what time it was she picked up the phone and dialed his number.

"Whaaat?" he groaned when he answered. His voice stricken with morning snooze.

"Hi Nick," she said.


"Yes Nick's me."

"Whaddya want? Dontcha know what time it is?" he asked lazily.

"Just wanted to talk to you."

"That's all?"


"Why you calling me? Shouldn't you be calling.. hmmm ya know the other fella... Colin Carter or whatever?"

"You know he's working Nick and he can't talk to no one."

"So I'm like your side dish."

The line went silent for a moment.

"Have you made up your mind yet?" Nick asked.

"No... I'm still marrying him."


"Because... I love him."

"Do you really?"

Ceserelle twirled the phone cord between her fingers and thought for a moment.

"Yes Nick I do."

"Bitch," he muttered.

"You're mean," she whined.

"I'm mean? I'm not the one who's playing with someone's emotions here. We've been at it for three freaking years now. Sneaking around, hanging out, I mean I was cool with it for a while, it was thrilling yes but now it's getting annoying... I want you Cessie,"

"I want you too but I want Colin too..."

"I don't have time for this," and the line went dead.

Ceserelle stared at the phone before placing it back on her hook. She groaned. Why did she have to be attracted to two young men? She lied in bed for a few moments when she heard a faint knock on her door. She had a feeling it was Colin.

Sure enough when she opened the door there was Colin dressed in his service dress blues with his arms open ready to take her into an embrace.

"I'm sorry I didn't call but surprises are far better," he said into her ear as they embraced tightly.

"Yes they are."

Pulling him inside her apartment she kept a hold of his large hand. When the door was closed she hugged him again loving the feeling of his body against hers. She threw off his combination cover and patted his short dark brown hair. She looked into his dark brown eyes and smiled.

Without a second thought she gently forced his head down and gave him a long passionate kiss. The elating feeling in her stomach was still there. It was the same feeling she got when she was with Nick. When she pulled away her lips tingled a little. What frightened her was for a split second she thought she saw Nick but then she blinked and saw Colin once again.

I am going crazy, she thought shaking her head. He then released her from his arms and egan to babble on about some indicident that happeaned while he was on duty. Something about some subordinate doing a silly thing. Ceserelle didn't really care and just nodded every ten seconds.

They were on the couch now, she was laying down with her head on his lap. She just looked at him as she went on and on about his story. Ever so slowly she began to fall asleep.


Ceserelle woke up a few hours later. She discovered herself on the couch alone. There was a note on the table with her name on it. She knew it held some sorry excuse from Colin so she didn't bother reading it.

Getting up she went to her bedroom. She got on her knees and felt around until she felt a box. Grabbing it, she sits on her bed and flips through the pictures of her and Nick.

Nobody, not even Nick, knew of the box. She ran a finger along Nick's face. He was making a funny face at the camera. It was night time and that was the night they shared their first kiss. It also happened to be Colin's twenty-ninth birthday party.

Goodness Nick is cute, she thought admiring his delicate facial features. Placing the picture back in the box and stuffing it back under her bed she lied down on her bed. She sighed, she hated feeling alone. It was so odd to her that she had the affection of two beautiful men yet she felt alone.


Chapter 2