The Other Carter

Chapter 2

Nick sat in his room alone with his thoughts. His thoughts of course were of Ceserelle. Everything between them had been complicated from the start. He just wished it were simple for the two of them.

There had to be a way for them to be forever together, Nick thought. He hated to be selfish but he wanted Cessie all to himself. They shared a special bond that she and Colin don't have. Nick knows the only reason Cessie is with Colin is because of the military connection.

Cessie's weakness is her family, especially her father. Captain Weston always wanted a son in law who was hardcore about the navy. Colin is just that, he's very motivated. Nick on the otherhand isn't into that thing. It just isn't him.

Nick was determined to show Ceserelle just how much he was the better man for her. He had been holding back for three long years. It was about time he'd truly show her what she needed.

Picking up his phone he dialed her number and waited.


"Hey Cessie,"

"Nick? You're not mad at me anymore?"

"I could never stay mad at you for longer than three minutes,"


"Yeah.. I know you're busy and stuff but do you have time to go with me somewhere,"

"And where would this somewhere be?"

"Ya know, just somewhere out there,"

"You're so detailed in your description of this place Nick,"


"I hate being in the dark about things,"

"So? It just makes it more fun,"

There was a long pause at her end. Nick patiently waited for her answer.

"Fine, i'll take you up on your offer but I swear, if this is some sick joke ima smack you hard upside the head,"

Nick chuckled, "Okay, i'll pick you up in an hour."


Parking his car in a spot, he jogged up the flight of stairs and knocked on her door. The door opened and her face held no expression at all. Nick changed it by leaning in and capturing her lips in a soft kiss. Pulling away, he now saw a glimmer of light in her eyes.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare at me? Or we going to leave?"

Nick snapped out of his daze and escorted her to his car.

The drive to their destination was silent except for the music coming from the radio. He glanced at Ceserelle every few minutes. She seemed in a daze just watching the scenery pass them by.

An hour passed and they finally arrived. Just a year ago Nick purchased a beach front estate miles away from the city. It was secluded and very little people knew about it. Just him and the people he bought it from. This was the first time he'd brought someone here.

"We're here,"

"This is the big surprise?"

"Yes, you're the first person i've brought here,"

"Yeah right, you've probably had huge bonanza's here,"

Getting out of the car, he rushed to the passengers side and opened the door for her. They walked up the long pathway to the door.

"Why did you bring me here Nick?"

"Because I wanted to,"


"I just wanted to spend more time with you," he said.

Instead of opening the door, he pulled her fragile body into his arms and pressed his lips onto hers. He always felt like he was floating on air when he kissed her.

Ceserelle broke away from the kiss. He leaned in to capture her lips again but she put two of her fingers on his lips to stop him. Nick sighed and dug into his jean pockets for the keys.

"Are you thirsty? Hungry?" he asked.

"I don't feel like eating anything,"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. So what are we going to do here? It seems like there's really nothing exciting to do." Ceserelle asked.

"Just relax and stuff, come on let's go outside to the beach," he said pulling her hand towards the door.

Once they were outside he darted to the sand. Shedding his shirt and under shirt as he ran. He kicked off his shoes and socks and dived into the water. Ceserelle took her time to walk to the beach and took a seat on the sand.

"Awww come on Ceserelle! The water is fine!" Nick yelled.

"I refuse to go in there!" she yelled back.

Ceserelle took her attention off Nick and looked at all the surroundings. It was simply beautiful. She was so absorbed in her thoughts she didn't notice Nick walking towards her, dripping wet.

"I gotcha!" Nick exclaimed as he lifted her with ease into his arms and started running towards the water.

"Let me go!" she squealed.

Nick didn't think twice before throwing her into the water. When Ceserelle surfaced she was clearly angry. She started to run after Nick who started running towards the sand. After a long chase across the beach, Ceserelle snuck on him and jumped onto his back. Nick was still up as he ran with her clutching onto his back.

He stopped running and had to dodge her flying fists. He caught her wrists and lifted them above her head. She stopped and looked into his blue eyes.

"Put my hands down please," she asked politely.

Nick shook his head refusing to. He leaned down and catched her lips with his. She shivered a little. Breaking away, she noticed she was shivering from being cold.

"Let's go inside," he said putting her arms down and leading her back to the house.

Ceserelle was almost lost in Nick's clothes. She was decked out in a black nike t-shirt and his shorts that looked like baggie pants on her. Either she wear his clothes or she goes naked. Nick was already drooling enough already, she didn't need a pool of spit around her.

The rest of the day was easy going. It was probably the most relaxed she has been since all this marriage hoopla has surrounded her. With her favorite book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald in hand she made her way to where Nick was.

Nick was on the hammock situated comfortably with his hands behind his head just staring into space. She pulled a chair out that was tucked into the table and started to read.

Every few moments she would look up from her book and glance at him as he was in deep thought. She wondered what exactly he was thinking about.



Nick turned his head to look at her. He looked like such an angel with his big blue eyes filled with wonder.

"Come lay with me here for a moment Cessie,"

"But i'm almost done with this chapter," she whined.

"Pleeeease," he pleaded.

Sighing, she gave into him. She placed the bookmark into her book and set it onto the table. Carefully she laid with Nick on the hammock. He wrapped his arms securely around her. They laid together without saying a word to each other. Just listening to the crashing waves of the ocean.

She felt so at peace and relaxed she started slowly to drift into sleep.

"Don't ya fall asleep on me now," he whispered into her ear.

She just groaned.

Nick slid his hands under the shirt she wore and lightly grazed his fingers onto her her stomach. She gasped and started to squeal.



Her words were incoherent and lost in her laughter.

After a few moments the laughter died down. Ceserelle stared into Nick's eyes filled with so much love for her. Her eyes fluttered as he caressed her cheek.

"Do you think things would be different if we met first?" he asked.

Ceserelle was silent for a moment imagining his question.

"Quite frankly, I do think things would be different,"

The corner of Nick's mouth lifted for a moment then went back down into a line.

"Kiss me Ceserelle,"

Instead of kissing him she got out of the hammock. She wasn't careful so it unstabled the balance and it sent Nick onto the ground butt first.

"Owww I said kiss me not hurt me," he said whining.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm hurt, and I want a kiss,"


Ceserelle got on her knees in front of where Nick was. He had his lips puckered ready to get a nice long kiss. Instead she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. When she pulled away he was still pouting.


"You're such a big baby," she said and with that she went back into the house.

It was already nearing the night and what she wanted now was to lay down on a bed. She went all the way to the third floor and chose a room that had a view of the ocean.

She could faintly hear Nick's voice calling for her.

"There you are! Trying to hide from me,"

Nick dove into the bed next to her and pulled her into his arms. Her head rested on his chest. He grabbed her left hand and lifted it to examine it. She was weaing her engagement ring.

"What does he have that I don't?" he asked her. When she didn't answer he continued, "I mean you spend more time with me, I make you smile, laugh, what else is there you want Cessie?"

"I don't know Nick..."

Nick slipped off her engagement and set it on the nightstand.

"Tonight you're mine Cessie."

Chapter 3