The Other Carter

Chapter 3

Ceserelle rolled her eyes and attempted to reach for her ring. Nick grabbed a hold of her wrist before she could retrieve it. He pouted and brought her hand to his lips. Not in the mood to argue, she rested her head on his chest. Tilting her head up, she looked up at Nick and wondered why she was still with him.

That's when her mind began to list all the qualities she adored. Nick was like a ball of energy, he was always hyper and it was a good balance to her serious persona. He put up with her and everything that came with her. He was soft, cuddly, gentle, and he made her feel like the bestest person in the world.

Ceserelle loved Nick very much. If I love him so much why am I marrying Colin?

She always played with that question in her mind. First off, she might give her dad a heart attack. Second, Colin really needed a wife and she was perfect for that role. She really couldn't imagine anyone else with him but her. Then again she felt the same way about Nick. She really couldn't see Nick look right with any other person but her.

Everyone had high hopes for her and Colin. Everyone talked about her and Colin's future. Everyone but her.

Another thing was she was already in too deep. If she turned back now she would be so embarrassed to show her face to her family. Everyone would think negatively of her. It wouldn't be the same. It would be a little easier if Nick and Colin weren't related.

Sliding her hand down his arm, she locked her fingers with his.

"I love you Cessie."

"I know you do."

"Do you love me?"

"I do,"

"But it's not enough to get over him."

"You don't understand Nick."

"That's right I don't."

Nick looked at her with such longing and love. She felt that tingly feeling inside her tummy. Her breathing started to get more deeper as his hand crept under her shirt.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" he whispered against her lips.

Ever so gently their lips touched. Slowly but surely their kisses grew more urgent. The heat of passion started to encirle the two lovers. Nick repositioned their bodies so that they were on their sides. As they kissed, Ceserelle all of sudden felt Nick grind his hips against her.

She gently pushed him away. His blue eyes were dark with desire. His lips parted, swollen from their kisses. His hair dishelved from her fingers running through them. Placing a finger on his chest, she traced down until she got to the top of his pants were his arousal was conspicious.

"Someone is awake."

"You woke him up," he said as he pulled her back into his arms and continued where they left off.



"Did you bring me out here just so I would have sex with you?"


"You know we can't."

"I know," he said rolling on his back and draping an arm over his forehead.

"I'm sorry."

"Naw, don't be, it's just dat man Cessie, I want you, like damn you know you're fine."

Ceserelle rolled her eyes and let out a light laugh.

"You roll your eyes a lot."

"I do not."

"Yes you do."

Unconsciously she rolled her eyes.

"There you did it again," he exclaimed.

"Believe what you want," she said snuggling her body against him.

"You make me frustrated Cessie," he said scratching his crotch.

"Ewww have some class Nick if you wanna... go in the bathroom or something,"

Nick shifted from his spot and moved to be on top of her, pinning her down. His dick was pressing in between her legs, dying to get out.

"Make my life easier," he murmured.

"We can't."

"Yes we can."

"Don't make me hurt you."

"Hurt me all you want."

Slowly Ceserelle felt herself getting more and more vunerable to him. He was just too difficult to resist. Nick had already taken off his shirt displaying his beautiful upper body. A groan from deep within her throat escaped her as he nibbled on her neck.

Just when she was getting lost in the moment, her cell phone started to ring. She tried to push him away but Nick kept her in her place.

"Ignore it," he muttered.

"No, Nick," she said pushing him roughly off her. She grabbed her phone and exited the room.

"Hello?" she sighed into the phone as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Ces? It's me Colin,"

"Colin? Why you calling me aren't you on watch?"

"Yes I am."

"Someone's scandalous."

"It's all right I won't get in trouble... hey I called you at your place you didn't answer, where are you?"

"I'm actually... out at a Chinese resturant. I was too lazy to cook myself something," she lied.

"Mmmm... Chinese sounds good right about now."

"Ha, you can't have any."

"Well see if you get any Chinese food when we're married."

"Right, that's if you enjoy sleeping on a couch."

"You love me too much to do that..."


Nick groaned when he heard she was talking to Colin. Draping an arm across his eyes he tried to listen to what she was saying to him but he couldn't make out what she was saying. Jealously started to brew inside him. He would never have what Ceserelle and Colin have. They had stability, security, and support.

The room seemed to spin and he felt dizzy. For three years he has done his best to change her mind. How many times have they spent together? God damn it he was sick of this shit. All he wanted was the freedom to love Ceserelle. He didn't want nobody else.

She walked back into the room and snuggled beside him. Acting like nothing was ever a big deal. How could she have so much self control?

"Ceserelle I don't want to lose you..."

"I'll always be here for you as a friend Nick you know that."

"Friend? I can't deal with that."

"You're being selfish Nick."

"Me? Selfish? Didn't we talk about this before? I'm not the one who is dangling two hearts at once," he said getting up and walking towards the window.

"You don't understan.,"

Nick thought he should get a dollar for everytime she said that. He was having a short battle in his mind. Whether he should stay in this room with her and endure the pain or he should leave this room and endure the pain?

"I brought you out here to forget about everything and just concentrate on us. Apparently it didn't work, so i'm going to sleep in another room night."

He didn't go far, he just went to the room next door and locked himself in it. Nick felt like he was fighting fire against fire. It never hurt before but his heart yearned for her so much it was beginning to hurt.


Nick had a pair of sunglasses over his eyes not wanting to display his pain filled eyes. He stood by his car twirling his keys around his finger waiting for Ceserelle to come out. Girls always took forever. She finally came scurrying out. As he looked at her face for a moment he forgot that he was mad at her.

The ride back was quiet. Words weren't just right for the moment. When they arrived she just gave him a kiss on the lips and left. He felt trapped in emotions he wished he wasn't caught in. He drove himself to one of his close friends, Alexander McLean's or commonly referred to A.J., house.

Nick felt bad for neglecting his friends especially his close ones. Alex was a rich young man who was smooth with the ladies. Pulling up to his gate he pressed a button.

"Name please," the familiar british accent of Alex's butler, Ranford came over the speaker.

"Nick Carter,"

After a few seconds the gates opened and Nick drove up the path to the front of Alex's house. Ranford lead him inside the mansion to the living room and waited for Alex to emerge. Five minutes later Nick could her his voice and a female voice coming down the stairs.

"I'll see you later darling," she said.

"Likewise," he said. There was a pause and then the door clicked shut.

"Hey Nick, what's up?" he said walking towards Nick.

"Nothing much ya know the same old shit,"

"I see, want a drink?"

"Yeah I could use one,"

Alex called for Ranford and within seconds they got their drinks.

"Why is love such a load of crap?" Nick asked.

"Love? Are you still seeing that chick? Cecille? Celina?"

"It's Ceserelle and yeah kind of,"

"Isn't she with some dude?"

"Yeah bro she is, she's engaged to my cousin Colin,"

"Damn, Nick this chick sounds like bad news. You should break off whatever you have with her,"

"She's what I want,"

"Now when have I heard this before? 'She's what I want,'" Alex said mimicking Nick's voice. He was referring to the time Nick was having issues with his ex-girlfriend Willaford.

"Naw man this time it's fo' reals. I want her man,"

"Someone needs to knock some sense into you. You're a youngin, you have plenty of time to find the one and not be all sprung over your cousin's fiancee,"

"It ain't fair though,"

"Life isn't fair, I mean from the way I see it she's just using you, you're just someone to keep her warm till her man comes around and she's all ready hot for him,"

"So you sayin' i'm some sort of microwave for her?"

"You could put it that way," Alex said holding in his laughter, "What you need is a taste of life. Seems you've spent so much time sweating her you've forgotten how to live."

"Whatcha saying?"

"You need to stay away from her, find someone who will love you for you, I know plenty of ladies ready and willing to give you their full attention,"

"I don't know...,"

"I mean she's cheating on Colin, let's say she dumps his ass, how do you know she won't do the same shit to you?"

Nick hadn't thought about it in that way before. A string of motivation went rushing through him.

"You're right A.J.,"


Colin had blind folded Ceserelle and she was now being manuevered somewhere. She figured it had to be somewhere distant away from the city. The smell of fresh garden air filled her nostrils. They stopped walking and he started removing the blindfold. She blinked her eyes a few times and saw a beautiful house.

"Surprise," he said taking her hand and leading her up the steps.

She was speechless as he escorted her into the house. The house was located on a hill in the outskirts of the city. It wasn't small and it wasn't too big it was just perfect. It was a house she imagined having. The exterior was painted white and had huge bay windows. The interior was just as perfect as the exterior.

There wasn't any furniture inside yet so it was spacious looking and every sound they made echoed off the walls. The house reeked of wood, indicating it was just newly built.

"I love it Colin," she said smiling at him.

He gave a toothy grin and then said, "Come on, let's go upstairs."

Colin gave her a little tour of the house that was going to be the house they would live in for the rest of their lives. It had five bedrooms, three car garage, and a huge backyard with a pool. They were now sitting by the side of the pool with their feet dipped into the water.

"I can't believe we're getting married soon. It feels like just yesterday I saw you,"

"Yeah time has a way of creeping up on you,"

Colin's hand covered her hand and lifted it up. His brows came together as he looked at her hand.

"Where's your engagement ring?"

Her heart started to beat a little faster as she stared at her ringless finger. She knew she was forgetting something.

"I..I must have forgotten to put it on after I took a shower," she said lamely.

"Oh okay," he said kissing her her hand.

She made a mental note to call Nick later. They haven't talked in a long time. Two weeks to be exact. She left a ton of messages on his answering machine and voice mail. No reply. She drove to his house and he was never home. She was starting to get worried about him. What if he did some really crazy because of her?

"Don't be sad because you forgot it, we all forget stuff," he said to her.

If that was so true then why couldn't she forget about Nick?

Chapter 4