The Other Carter

Chapter 4

Okay so what A.J. had in store for Nick wasn't what it was cracked up to be. They flew to the Bahamas for about two weeks or so. It felt like years to him. He tried to indulge in the fun A.J. was providing him but it was no use. He just wasn't in the mood to socialize with strangers. A majority of the time was spent sulking over Ceserelle.

It was so simple to fall in love but to fall out of love proved to be another story. He didn't realize how much girls wanted him until he was thrown out into view. He could have easily taken one or two or even all of them. He didn't want to live with the guilt of a one night stand. He knew how exactly it felt to have a heart broken. It wasn't fair to them.

When he got back from the trip, he didn't go straight home, he went to his other house. He didn't feel like facing the world. Walking up the stairs, he went into the room Ceserelle slept in when they stayed there. It still possessed her presence. The sheets and blanket were neatly folded and the pillows placed next to them.

Walking over to the side of the bed he sat down. That was when he noticed her engagement ring sitting on the nightstand.

"Oh shit!" he let out grabbing the ring.

Nick felt like he was holding a poison. Here was the symbol of Colin's and Ceserelle's love. Right in his very hands. This expensive ring Colin probably got overseas when he was stationed in some foreign country. It represented the fact Ceserelle belonged to Colin.

Knowing Ceserelle, she was probably freaking out right now about her ring. Nick sighed and put the ring back where he got it. He would deal with that later. Lying back down on the bed, he placed his head on a pillow. He took a long breath and he could faintly smell her sweet scent. It was like a drug that took him higher and higher with each breath he took.

Nick felt like an obsessed fool with all these feelings bottled up inside him. These feelings circulating his body wanting to be returned. The feelings that fought with him everyday. The feelings that wanted to stay and be part of him forever. The feelings that didn't want to go. The feelings that wanted to stay.

Sitting up, he stuffed the ring in his pocket. He decided to pay Ceserelle a well needed visit.


Ceserelle was looking through her closet trying to find something to wear. Colin was taking her out to dinner tonight. With all this time she's been with Colin she remembered why in fact she was marrying him. He was stable, he loved her, her cared about her, and so on. Maybe just maybe there was hope for their love.

She was in the middle of choosing dresses when she heard a tapping on her door. Glancing at her clock she noticed he was a couple of minutes early. Opening the door she saw Nick. He looked so sad and fragile.

"Where have you been?" she asked him.

"I've been away. I came to give you this," he said extracting her engagement ring from his pocket.

"Thank you," she said as she slipped it back into it's rightful place.

"I've missed you," he said.

Seeing him again just brought back the feelings she thought was fading away. He stepped forward and closed the gap between them. He took her into his arms and held her.


Before she could say another word he kissed her. It had been only weeks since they last kissed but it felt like an eternity. She was slightly shocked for a moment but then let herself ease into the soulful kiss.

As much as she wanted the kiss to last longer she knew at any moment her husband to be would come waltzing through her door. Gently she pushed Nick away. The look in his eyes was surely to make anyone melt into a puddle. Before she could melt, she heard footsteps climbing the stairs to her apartment.

Pulling Nick into her bedroom she stuffed him into her closet before he could think and say a word. She then rushed to the door just in time for Colin to arrive at her doorstep.

"You look flustered. That anxious to see me?" he said.

To add to the feelings she was feeling from seeing Nick, they were now doubled when she saw Colin sharply dressed in a blue button down shirt and a pair of khakis.

"Give me a few minutes, I still need to get ready," she said scurrying back to her bedroom where Nick was already out of the closet rubbing his his blonde head.

"For someone so small you have a lot of strength,"

"Be quiet Nick," she whispered.

"I ain't afraid of him," he said defiantly.

"Whatever," she said rolling her eyes and grabbing the blue dress since it matched Colin's shirt.

"Close your eyes Carter," she said as she started to take off her clothes to put on the dress.

"You need to do that more often," Nick said as he stared in amazement.

"Look after me and Colin leave, you wait five minutes then you leave, you got that?"

"Okay, okay, geez, can I get a kiss at least?"

"Fine," she gave him a peck on the cheek then left him to go out with Colin.


After Ceserelle left Nick punched her wall. He was on the edge with his feelings and he didn't know how much longer he could take being her little side dish. He took a couple of deep breaths to keep his anger from rising but it did no good.

Darting out of her place he went to his car just in time to see Colin's BMW leave the parking lot. Nick was on automatic now, not fully aware of what he was doing but knowing he was on a mission. He followed them to some posh restaurant. The name wasn't important to him.

Nick marched into the dining area despite the waiters protests. He saw them taking their seats and he started to jog towards them, almost knocking over some customers and servers.

"Nick? Wasn't expecting you here," Colin said.

"Yeah..," Nick said.

Ceserelle was looking at him with such an evil look. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"I.. I just wanted to say 'Hi' to you both, I was just leaving,"

"Well thanks for stopping by Nick, me and Ceserelle just got here. You got an invitation to the wedding right?"

"Yeah, yeah I did," Nick lied.

"Good, well we don't want to keep you from leaving,"

"Naw it's fine, bye you two,"

Climbing into his car, he rested his head on the steering wheel and softly cried to himself.

Pretending to read through the menu, Ceserelle was trying to hide her frustration with Nick's little cameo in the restaurant. She saw it in his eyes, he was going to tell Colin about their little affair. He was about to do it but thankfully he chickened out of doing it.

"What a coincidence to run into Nick here, haven't seen him in a while,"

"Yeah that was totally weird,"

"Nick and I used to be so close as kids, that boy was the little brother I never had, too bad I barely see him now,"

"I think he understands,"

"We need to have another one of those dinners like the one we had with him and your dad again,"

"Yes we should,"

A little smile formed at her lips when she remembered that incident. When she and Nick played a game of "Find Ceserelle." She could never do that with Colin. Colin would think it was very immature.

"Promotions in ranks are coming up, don't tell anyone but I am excited for it. I turned in my papers today,"

"That's good Colin, I know you'll get it,"

Of course Colin would get it, he was such a hardcore military person. She was proud of him for the skills he acquired and the leadership he's attained. The only bad thing she saw in this was being higher up in the ranks meant more responsibility. More responsibility meant more work for him which meant more loneliness for her.

"Are you okay Ceserelle?"

"Huh? Oh yeah i'm fine why?"

"You just look distracted,"

"Just a little dizzy,"

"Maybe we should just get some food to-go,"

"No it's fine..,"

Ceserelle couldn't fight the migrane that was starting. All this stress was really getting to her. They ate in silence and as the minutes passed with the pain was getting worse.

"Colin, I think i'm getting sick...," she said giving in.

"Okay, i'll ask for the check and we'll leave,"

Colin decided to stay with Ceserelle for the night to be reassured she was okay. Even if she didn't want him there she didn't feel like arguing with him. After taking two aspirins and changing into her pajamas, she climbed into bed with Colin next to her. It was a very long time since they've been this close. It felt awkward.

"Do you feel a little bit better?" he asked.


"I'm sorry, we shouldn't have gone out,"

"Don't blame yourself, you didn't do anything wrong,"

"I just don't like seeing you in pain,"

Ceserelle gave him a weak smile and then closed her eyes. She placed her hand over his tight stomach feeling his rippling muscles through his shirt. Colin had the perfect body she always thought. A body that would turn any female on by just staring at those beautiful muscles. Nick though had a cuddly body that was nice to hold on to, perfecting for hugging and nuzzling in.

"You and I are going to have such a beautiful life Ceserelle,"

"Mmm hmm,"

"Nothing is going to stop us,"

Ceserelle didn't catch Colin's last comment. She'd already fallen asleep.


After the cry fest in his car, Nick felt a weird sense of freedom. It was so cliche to go out and get drunk to surpress a broken heart but Nick couldn't think of nothing else. He didn't even know what was going on around him. Everything he was seeing was like a surrealistic painting.

All these girls were all over him like white on rice. They wanted him and just him. He loved the attention, he needed the full attention they gave him. He didn't want divided attention, he wanted undivided attention.

What he hated is that even if he was drunk, nothing couldn't take his mind off Ceserelle. He muttered 'God damn bitch' unconsciously which resulted him getting severely slapped by whoever he was dancing with him. Just doing that got his butt kicked out of the club.

He stumbled towards his car and catched his breath. Fuck, he cursed realizing he couldn't drive. He closed his eyes for a moment, then decided he didn't care if he couldn't drive and started his car.

Thankfully there weren't very many cars out on the road at that time of night to give him more stress. The exit to Ceserelle's apartment was approaching and he was debating whether or not if he should drop by. At the last minute he traveled over four lanes nearly getting hit by passing cars just to get to the exit lane to her place.

Chills ran up and down his body as he got out of his car. Looking down at himself he realized he was wearing a thin white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Climbing the stairs up to her apartment seemed like climbing Mount Everest. When he reached the top he gave the door three knocks and slumped against a wall.

When the door opened, he didn't see who he expected to see. He saw Colin, droopy eyes and all looking right at him. Nick thought he was really drunk now because why would Colin be here? He knew that Colin was barely at Ceserelle's. God did he feel really jealous now.

"Nick? What are you doing here? It's midnight,"

Ignoring his cousins words, he brushed right past him and laid himself on the couch. Looking around Ceserelle wasn't in sight.

"Where's Ceserelle?" Nick asked.

"She's sleeping,"

Nick draped his arm over his eyes. He wished Colin would go away so he could spend time with HIS woman, crawl into bed with her and watch her sleep. That would help him sober up a bit. If he didn't feel so damn woozy he would probably knock the life out of Colin right about now.

He heard Colin march out of the room followed by the door clicking. That made Nick's stomach flip flop because Ceserelle only had one room in her apartment. Since when were they sleeping together?

Nick laughed to himself when his mind asked such a stupid question. Duh they're engaged Nick, he said to himself.

Chapter 5