The Other Carter

Chapter 6

Ceserelle watched Nick walk away from her and up the stairs. So what she had said wasn't the nicest thing in the world. She knew it would piss him off. That's what she was aiming for. It would be easier for them to grow apart if that was even possible.

Walking out of his house, she turned her head back just to catch a glimpse one last time. She caught sight of Nick standing in front of his window with his arms crossed along his chest. He looked really angry. It was for the best, she thought.

When she got back to her apartment she was stunned to see her whole front door covered in white roses with a bouquet of red roses on her doorstep. Picking up the flowers she read the card.

To my soon to be wife Ceserelle. Love Colin

"How sweet," she said outloud.

Entering her apartment, she immediately went straight to her room and laid down on her bed with the roses next to her. Pulling a single rose from the bouquet, she held it to her nose and inhaled the beautiful scent.

A smile crept to her lips when she remembered when Nick gave her flowers. It was her twenty-fifth birthday and she was alone since Colin had gone to San Diego for two weeks He had to check some airplanes at one of the bases over there. Ceserelle didn't want to make a big deal out of it so she just bought some chinese for herself.

She tried calling Nick but he wasn't answering any of her calls. So she was on her couch watching some T.V. and chowing down on the food she bought. She was in the middle of chewing when she heard a knock on her door. It was about eight o'clock in the evening and she never got knocks on her door at that time of the day.

She was hesitant when she opened the door but was surprised to see there was no one there. Opening the door wider she looked all around and stopped when she saw a note typed in big letters on her door step.

It said to follow the yellow roses. She saw on each step leading to her apartment was a yellow rose. She had thought Colin had come home early to surprise her on her birthday but when the trail of yellow roses ended there was one man standing there with a single red rose in his hands.

"Happy Birthday Cessie," Nick said as he handed her the rose.

"Awww Nick,"

"Wait! There's more...," he took a hold of her hand and walked her towards his car.

"Where are we going Nick? I'm not exactly dressed for an outing,"

"That's okay, you're beautiful in anything you wear,"

They drove to the beach and they walked to the docks where Nick had his boat. He took her for a ride to watch the sunset and eat a dinner he had arranged. It was one of the most romantic moments they shared.

Ceserelle was in a daze as she reminised but then she snapped back into reality and threw the rose across the room. She could not stop thinking about Nick. Every little thing around her reminded her of the guy. Hugging her pillow close to her body she began to cry.

She was a woman now on her own ready to settle down yet she felt like a vulnerable teenage girl. It felt like she was cursed with feelings for Nick. She heard her phone ringing and sighed, she wasn't in the mood for talking. Wiping away her tears and clearing her nose, she answered the phone. It was of course Colin, checking to see if she had received the flowers.

Ceserelle wasn't even focused on what her fiancee was saying to her. She just said an occassional 'uh huh' and 'yeah' when she felt it was necessary. He finally said goodbye and was relieved.

Putting the phone down she reached for the box of pictures she had of Nick. She never got tired of looking at his beautiful face. They shared so many moments together. So many memories that would never be forgotten and could never be told to anyone. Nick did so much for her.

That was when she realized she loved Nick more than she thought. It was too late though. It was just too late.

Ceserelle twirled around like a ballerina in her wedding dress. The day had finally come, her day to get married to Colin. All her brides maids and various female relatives were in her apartment scurrying around to help her be the most beautiful girl on the planet. She couldn't believe that by the end of the day she would be Mrs. Ceserelle Carter.

"Oh you look so beautiful," her mother said as she walked into her room.

"Thank you mommy,"

"My little girl is getting married...,"

Her mother was doing that same old speech again. She did that from time to time.

"Colin is such a great man for you, I wish you nothing but happiness with him,"

"Don't worry...,"

"The limo is here Ces! Time to go to the church," her maid of honor, her cousin Angela, announced.

"Come on honey," her mother said, ushering her out.

Oh my God, this is it, she thought.


Nick stared at his invitation. Today was the big day for Ceserelle and Colin. Too bad he wasn't going to see them be bound together by marriage. He wouldn't last too long to be around a bunch of people he didn't like very much.

Okay so he would only like one person there and that would be Ceserelle of course. Even after what last happened between them two, he still loved her. He didn't think he would ever stop loving her.

Instead he opted for something better. He was going to Sweden for a while and catch up on lost time in the recording studio. Tossing the invitation in the trash, he made his way to the shuttle van that was waiting for him to take him to the airport.

On his way there his cell phone started to ring. Nick knew it was someone from his family asking where he was and why he wasn't at the church. He didn't know why it was mandatory for every freaking Carter to be at that damn wedding. It wasn't like him being there was going to help make it better.

"Hello," Nick said lazily into the speaker.

"Nick?! Where the hell are you?" his younger sister, BJ, yelled into the phone.

"Geez, i'm on my way to Florida International,"

"What?! You're going to the airport! Don't you know Colin is finally getting married and you're on the way to the airport?!"

"Calm down, I ain't going to that damn wedding, I'm leaving for Sweden,"

"What?! You have to at least make an appearance, you know how bad it'll make us look if you don't show up,"

"I don't give a fuck okay, have a merry time," he said hanging up on her and turning off his cell. He didn't want a string of calls from people bitching at him to go. He had enough of everyone wanting it their way. Just once he'd like to do want he wants.


Looking out the tinted window, she wished the clouds would go away and make way for the blue sky. She didn't think the weather would be so horrible on her wedding day. Maybe this was a sign, she thought but then shook her head. She was marrying Colin and that was final.

They finally arrived at the church where a majority of the guests were already seated. Colin's best man, Lt. Davidson, was the first person to greet them. He told them everyone was waiting for them to arrive. Everyone went to take their places and she spotted her father dressed in his service dress blues ready to walk her down the aisle.

She was walking towards the church, ready to walk down the aisle when she spotted Nick's younger sister yelling into her cellphone. She didn't look to happy. BJ then stared at her phone and stuffed it into her purse.

"Stupid ass brother," she heard her mumble as she walked towards the church entrance.

"Hey, you okay?" Ceserelle couldn't help asking as BJ walked by her.

"Yeah, I'm sorry but Nick won't be coming to your wedding,"

"Oh... um why not?"

"He's going to the airport, he's going to Sweden, I mean he couldn't pick a better time eh?"

"It's okay... really it is," she said.

Ceserelle couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that Nick wasn't coming. She understood that he wouldn't want to be near her.

"Are you ready?" her father asked.

"Yes I am," Ceserelle said hooking her arm with his.

They both stood at the alter and everyone stood up. She could see Colin standing proudly, dressed sharply in his uniform. The ceremony was going too fast for her. She wasn't even listening to what the priest was saying. All she could think about was Nick, the other Carter that touched her soul.

No, no, I can't be thinking about Nick now, she thought.

The priest asking for the rings now. It was time for that part already? She could feel herself break into a sweat. The world seemed to whirl around her. Through her veil she looked at Colin, he looked so happy, she looked at the people sitting on the pews looking at them two, they looked so happy for them. She felt like the only person in the room that wasn't happy at all.

Ceserelle started to cry. It seemed as though she was crying tears of joy but she wasn't.

"Oh my gosh I can't do this," she said as she sobbed.

Taking her hands from Colin's, she ran as fast as she could out of the church. She could hear everyone start to chatter wondering what was going on. The limo was still parked out front and she opened the front door. Various people were calling out her name but she ignored them.

"Take me to the airport," she commanded the driver. The driver gave her a weird look.

"Just do it!" she yelled.

Ceserelle felt a little relieved but still apprehensive about what she was doing. She didn't even know what airline Nick was taking or when his flight was leaving.

"I know this maybe none of my business but what happened?" the driver asked.

"I discovered that i'm in love with someone else,"

The driver shook his head, "This isn't the first time this has happened. Trust me honey, i've been in many situations like this."

"I have to find him before he leaves, I don't even know what airline he's taking or if he's left already."

"Do you know where he's going?"

"I heard he's leaving for Sweden,"

"Well, it shouldn't be that difficult to find,"

They finally arrived at the airport and the driver, whose name was Marv, dropped her off at the international airlines part of the airport. People were giving her weird looks as she ran inside. She frantically looked around Each european airline check in counter. She kept praying that he hadn't left yet.

Her heart leaped when she saw him going through a security check before entering the boarding terminal.

"Nick! Nick!" she yelled as she ran towards him. She was running towards him so fast that she lost her footing and tripped on her dress.


Nick sighed when the security guy with the wand was checking him. His ears perked up when he thought he heard someone yell out his name. He looked around and didn't see anyone. He shook his head and was about to walk forward when he heard his name again. He hoped it wasn't some fan trying to play with his mind. Looking around one last he saw Ceserelle in her wedding dress running towards him.

"Sir, will you please move, there's a line here,"

Moving to the side, Nick stood in place as he watched Ceserelle run towards him. He blinked twice just to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating. He let out a smirk when he saw her fall down and trip. He walked towards her as she struggled to get up. Lending a hand, he helped her get up. She looked into his eyes and it still gave him that feeling he could only get from her.

"Why you be trippin' on me like that?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes at him. He let out a little laugh, he couldn't believe he missed her doing that.

"So... don't you have a wedding to be at?" he asked.

"Yeah... I ran out Nick,"

"What? You look great in your wedding dress, don't need to loose weight, it fits damn it,"

"Stupid ass, make this worth it, I ran out because I couldn't marry him Nick... I mean I know I said some stupid stuff to you a long time ago...,"

"Bitch," he said sticking his tongue out at her.

"I know, I know but those months we didn't see each other... it just... I don't know... made me realize I love you and only you... that you make me happy,"

Nick felt all the hatred he had created towards her during the time they were apart dissolve into oblivion. What she was saying to him were the things he has always wanted to hear from her.

"Are you for real?" he couldn't help asking.

"I'm here aren't I?"

Looking at her, he decided to make this moment more dramatic but delaying his response. He looked at her from head to toe. It had been nearly two months since he saw her. During those two months he sulked. He missed her so much, the way she felt, her smile, her snide remarks, and those killer kisses.

"God I love you," he whispered leaning down to kiss her. A kiss that was well needed for him. He could feel himself come alive and be reborn with their lips finally melding together.

"Nick..," she said against his lips.


"I was just wondering... are you going to Sweden or are you leaving with me cause I really need to get out of this dress,"

"Hmmm... if I get to help you out of it I just might change my flight plans but if not....,"

Ceserelle slapped his arm, "You know I could go back to the church..."

"Okay, okay we'll go cancel my ticket and then we'll get you out of this dress, plus you owe me,"

"I owe you what?"

"Two months of kissing, you deprived me of," he said pouting.

Ceserelle shook her head at him and kissed him again. Nick sighed against her lips. He would never ever get tired of her kisses.

"Okay, enough for now,"

"Awww, fine...," he said taking her hand as they walked through the airport.